Living (2019)

Living” is an artistic tribute to Frans Zwartjes, a cult Dutch experimental film director. His films capture desperation, angst and alienation. They show sexually loaded interactions between men and women, and compel viewers to confront their deepest selves.

Jedrzejczak’s film is a variation on Zwartjes’ “Living” (1971). The idea was born from the fascination with the Dutch director’s vision and the image’s unique atmosphere, which left an overwhelming impression.

In both films the filmmakers explore the rooms of their new houses in company of their partners. They move around in a strange way and the painful and piercing music heightens the feeling of aimlessness. Camera work is impressive: the directors play the main characters while operating the hand-held camera. When the lens zooms in on the face, the viewers feel that they are being stared at.

Jedrzejczak’s “Living”’s greatest achievement is recreating the psychedelic atmosphere of Zwartjes’ films: hermetic, obsessive and indefinable. The image is full of powerful tension and mystery.

Actors: Regina Rudnicka, Jacek Jędrzejczak
Music: Andrzej Rejman, Ewa Cichoń, Zbych Kunkowski, Robert Jędrzejewski
Cooperation: Piotr Cieślik, Monika Glibowska