Jacek Jędrzejczak

Born in Warsaw, where he lives and works. A member of The Union of Polish Art Photographers and an art photographer himself. Also involved in video art and visual experiment in various fields of art. Publications, exhibitions and prizes both in Poland and abroad. 

For many years he has been exploring issues related to psych. photography, phototherapy, work with body, transience and the passage of time. In the last few years, also fascinated by the connection between sound and film image.

He creates individual projects and cooperates with many experimental musicians such as Tadeusz Sudnik, Bogdan Mizerski and Andrzej Rejman. Creator and founder of Instytut 116.

I have been working on each of my projects for a long time and slowly, for years ….. I get great pleasure from it !  

                                                                                          JJ, March 2023

JJ: A mature body presented deliberately, calmly. Expressive face, eloquent look. A record of life on the skin – wrinkles, scars, birthmarks, spots, and blemishes. Gray hair, blue veins visible under thin skin, changed hands… The passage of time is a theme that can be shown through the body in a spectacular, fullest, unique way. How to do it differently?!


Gallery INSTYTUT 116 is a space of presentation and confrontation of various artistic activities in the field of visual and sound arts (such as painting, video-art, installation, music and photography). It is salso a space of association among multiple creative disciplines, dialogue between classical and modern art, exchange of ideas and unfettered exploration of contemporary art. INSTYTUT 116 centeres its activities around the experiment in its broadest context.