EGO (2004)

“Ego is a vessel in which our “self” is contained. It should be concise, have a strong foundation and serve us well. If it’s too fragile, badly demarcated, the world penetrates our inside, making it hard for us to be ourselves. If it’s too rigid, overdeveloped, it stops to serve us as well. A weak or over-inflated ego seeks affirmation of itself, takes control over us, we start to overly identify with it. This is how a “false self” comes into being. 

If we incessantly take care of ourselves, we lose touch with other people. An egotist, hypochondriac or narcissistic person is incapable of true love. To develop a healthy ego, a child needs admiration in the eyes of its parents, as well as a mirror where to affirm its reflection; then it strengthen its identity by seeing itself in the social mirror, in the eyes of other people. If our reflection absorbs us too much or we are avoiding it at all cost, then ego has taken control of us.

Taking part in Jacek Jędrzejczak’s exhibition may help us answer the question:
Who am I really?
What is beneath that mask, beneath the role I play?
What are the true motives of my actions, apart from making a desired impression on others?
Can I forget myself enough to “love rather than just seek somebody to love me”?”

Psychologist: Jacek Santorski
Cooperation: Regina Rudnicka 

Project carried out in the years: 2004 – 2009


– 2017, MOK Rynek Gallery – Olsztyn (20.01.2017-05.03.2017)
– 2010, The International Festival of Photography and Digital Arts – Chianciano / Italy (18.09-25.09.2010)
– 2010, Art House Gallery – Warsaw (9.05-30.05.2010)
– 2010, Gallery of Photography MCC, Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski (16.01-10.02.2010)
– 2009, Night of Museums, the District Warsaw ZPAF, Warsaw (15 / 16.05.2009)
– 2009, Gallery Gora – Montreal (24.03-02.05.2009)
– 2009, BWA Gallery – Bydgoszcz (10.01-22.02.2009)


Film frame

Gallery Gora – Montreal , Canada (2009)

Gallery CSW Bydgoszcz (2009)



"EGO" - project album

O wystawie "EGO" - Wywiad Anny Wolskiej, Związek Polskich Artystów Fotografików (2008)

Porozmawiajmy na temat Twojego nowego projektu. W Twoich realizacjach jako motyw przewodni bardzo często pojawiają się kobiety. Tak jest również w tym przypadku. Powiedz mi, czy wynika to z Twojej męskiej natury, uwielbienia kobiecego piękna, a może z zaciekawienia, różnic między światem mężczyzn a światem kobiet?

About Exibition "EGO" - Interview, Związek Polskich Artystów Fotografików (2008)

Let’s talk about your new project. Women are very often the core motive of your stagings. As they are in this case, too. Tell me, is it determined by your masculine nature, admiration of female beauty, or maybe curiosity of differences between men’s and women’s worlds?