ILLUSION by Jacek Jedrzejczak


Under 5 Minute Festival Film – Toronto

Autor recenzji:
Victoria Angelique


Jacek Jędrzejczak

Joanna Królikowska, Regina Rudnicka

Franz Schubert – Piano Trio Op.100 2nd Movement – Andante CantabileMembers of Altra Volta string quartet: Gracjan Szymczak – piano
Leszek Sojka – violino, Michał Lech– cello, Grzegorz Stec – sound engineer

Review by Victoria Angelique

The combination of excellent cinematography and a beautiful score makes ILLUSION a joy to watch. The filmmaker, Jacek Jędrzejczak, took an artistic approach in creating this remarkable short film. There are many themes that are invoked, such as the power of human connection and the idea of illusion. 

The very beginning of ILLUSION draws the audience right in with the great framing of the woods and the path between the trees. The women are a little off center, a move that is clearly conscious as they cross paths. Each woman is on the opposite sides of the road, heading towards the other. The idea of crossing paths is inevitable, though the outcome isn’t predictable.  

The two women meet in the center of the path, slightly brushing against each other. It’s simple, but enough to stop the two women from continuing to move forward on their respective journeys. Their vibrant orange dresses disappear, cutting to a moment where they embrace in a moment of nudity. The filmmaker is representing the bare soul of each woman as they hug, intercutting between the nude women and clothed women to provide the illusion of the power behind human connection. 

The theme of illusion is quite clear, almost signaling that sometimes fates interweaves and interrupts the plans someone might have as they walk their own personal paths. A chance inter counter can change the course of life as new relationships are formed. Jędrzejczak gives the ILLUSION that the women will part ways after their souls connect, only for them to walk together in sisterhood. A new friendship formed through an intimate soul connection.