Looking at or looking for myself? For an artist Jacek Jędrzejczak those two perpectives seem inseparable and equally important in a process of self integration and identification. The videoart „Looking… myself” is about human heterogeneity. 

The subjects of complexity and versatility of each individual human being expose the tragedy of our vain attempts to conciliate the conflicting desires and attitudes. This struggle, as a dynamic form of identity constructing, finds its fullest expression in a substantial connection of image and sound. The author pays a special attention to the montage, based on the centralistic perspective. As he claims, the desintegrated puzzles of self, no matter how far they wander off, sooner or later will always eventually turn back to the center (the formal center – the center of a frame, and biological – a brain).

Author: Jacek Jędrzejczak  
Music: Tadeusz Sudnik
Cooperation: Piotr Cieślik