Exoneration (2017)

„Exoneration” is a part of Jacek Jędrzejczak’s project named „TEN” and as such it confronts the subject of human being in a relation to time. Duration becomes an expression of the slump of continuum, stoppage, and as a result – a change, an inertness.

In a tension of slowdown Jacek Jędrzejczak finds the space for reflection, constituted on noticing a broader perspective and deeper dimensions.


Split film festival / international festival of new film – 2018
31 Girona Film Festival GIFF – 2018
WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival – 2018
The IndieFEST Film Awards – 2018
Accolade Global Film Competition – 2018
Vitruvian Thing Thessaloniki – 2018
DELETE TV – 2018
South London Shorts – 2018
Filmfest Dresden – 2017
Short Waves Festival, Poznań  – 2017

Author: Jacek Jędrzejczak
Music: Tadeusz Sudnik
Cooperation: Waldemar Petelczyc , Piotr Cieślik