The Doll - Dialog with Hans Bellmer (2016)

THE DOLL is an audiovisual experiment created by the use of a hologram technology, inspired by the sculptural installations of Hans Bellmer. The reinterpretation of leitmotives, based on the artistic exploration of German painter, sculptor, photographer and graphic’s, have gained in the Jacek Jędrzejczak’s installation a totally new dimension; a dimension which is the expression of both contemporary art’s new possibilities and constant topicality of Bellmer’s art itself. 

The hologram, reviving the image of a disintegrated, trammeled doll, makes up a dialog with the legacy of such trends as surrealism or deconstructionism. The installation refers to the postmodern aesthetics, arguing with the issues of representation, humanism, fetish and carnality. The work has been shown for the first time in the art gallery Institute 116 as a part of Warsaw Night of Museums in 2016.

Author/Sound: Jacek Jędrzejczak
Realisation/Production: Piotr Cieślik