Selected photo works



The starting point of creating the exhibition were threnodies wrote by Józef Pless after death of his son. His later meeting with photographer and film-maker Jacek Jędrzejczak led to realization of  “A memory” project. 


The „Decentrism – a man as a hidden dominant” exhibition is a result of a photographic plein-air organized in July of 2009 in Józefów by the Vistula river. During the plein-air, through the presentation of different artworks and multiple discussions, the participants were trying to explore the idea of decentryzm in reference to photography.


The album „Akt3 – NAKED WIND” stands out among other publications of this type. It is interesting not only with its content, but also with its form. The secret of the content is hidden in the stylized, two-part cover „covering” the album. An announcement and a kind of hint „what next?” there is only a sketchy selection of the photos on the outer cover and the title of the album visible from the center.


Light is an unlimited source of inspiration for a painter or photographer. It’s a challenge an artist must give himself up. Light and shadow creates the most natural and basic space in which a photographer moves, creates a composition and plays in perennial game between those two elements.


Items, apparently lifeless items. I watch them, I touch them, distinguish, brush off dust, bury myself into them, learn them anew, opening my heart still shyly, tremulously, as if with fear, to avoid disturbing something holy. I open up my heart and I feel how they slowly revive under my hand, inside my head, inside of me.


The „Escape forward” exhibition refers to the element of “Air”  being a unique photographic parable telling about – real? – nature of woman: her sensuality, transitoriness, beauty and delicacy. Simultaneously, it indicates impracticability and inability of true knowledge.


„Painted with a woman” is a cross-sectional exhibition presenting photographies from selected projects realized by Jacek Jędrzejczak from the beginning of his creative career. It’s a cycle of atmospheric pictures presenting the beauty of a woman.


“Ego is a vessel in which our “self” is contained. It should be concise, have a strong foundation and serve us well. If it’s too fragile, badly demarcated, the world penetrates our inside, making it hard for us to be ourselves. If it’s too rigid, overdeveloped, it stops to serve us as well.


The „NAKED” project comprises several dozen photographs gathered in four organised chapters. We have: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. The contents is woman and the aforementioned elements, woman in those elements, woman realising herself through those elements, and finally woman identifying herself with those elements.


„A book (…). Is your night vigil companion which never bothers you when you are busy, and invites you whenever you feel like it (…). Communing with a book, you derive a long lasting pleasure from it, your mind becomes astute, your language straightforward (…). Your comments relevant, your soul full of joy, heart full of thoughts.