Hands II (2016)

A videoart „Hands II” is an visual experiment composed from simultaneous displays. Collage-type parallel of images becomes a sign of modernity, based on the chaos of multiplicity and excess. The collapse of linear forms leads to a complete degradation of borders, while the exhaustion of homogenous vision of the world – to the aesthetic eclecticism. 

The work by Jacek Jędrzejczak corresponds to the postmodern condition. „Hands II” shows the state of disorder and suspension, in which human subjectivity loses its transparency for the benefit of the wider context.


One Shot Film Festival Yerevan – 2018
Euroshorts Short Film Festival Gdańsk – 2016

Author: Jacek Jędrzejczak
Cooperation: Regina Rudnicka, Bartosz Mateńko, Piotr Cieślik


Premierowy pokaz videoartu odbył się w ramach festiwalu Euroshorts Short Film Festival 2016 w Gdańsku. Film został wyróżniony włączeniem do Konkursu Międzynarodowego w sekcji Film eksperymentalny.