The core of my artwork is my perennial fascination of nature and structure of fire. It’s double nature (destructive force and life-giving warmth) is a condition of life and impulse for changes, admired and analyzed by me. I found a feed for my fascination in the philosophy of Heraclitus of Ephesus, a greek philosopher, one of the biggest ancient thinkers, who was considering fire as a rule making the universe work. 

Heraclitus thought that the fire lives the death of things which it burns and it’s dynamic pictures the move and dynamic of the world – both that eternal and perennial. Everything is a fascinating circle of life and death. The cycle is closing itself, but it’s never finished. Heraclitus presented his opinions with allegories and aphorisms which is also very closed to me and with which I – by visual work and application of movie technique – talk.

Dialogues with Heraclitus: (2004 – 2010) – video and photography
Videoart from series “Identity”
Czas trwania/Duration: 6:30
Standard: HD

Ogień. Odwieczna nim fascynacja. Jego dwojaka natura – niszczycielska siła a życiodajne ciepło – to warunek życia, impuls do zmian. Ogień żyje śmiercią tego, co spala. Jego dynamika oddaje ruch i dynamikę świata – wiecznego i odwiecznego. Wszystko jest fascynującym kręgiem życia i śmierci. Cykl się zamyka, ale nigdy nie jest skończony…