Call me “The Neighbour” is a multimedia (photography, video and installation) exhibition about Warsaw district Grochów. District’s streets beats with the rhythm set by slogans which were left on the walls by, among the others, “The Neighbour”. The exhibition is a record of a trip following the trace of graffiti authors and the effect of search led by Jacek Jędrzejczak – Grochów citizen. 

The artist wants to know who “The Neighbour” is and why is he marking his presence in that particular way. The exhibition is an untypical documentary about the district, but also a potential place for a local meeting. It’s also a pretext for a wider discussion about the meaning of graffiti in public places and limits of manifesting own emotions in them.

Cooperation: Agnieszka Zalotyńska


2014, INSTYTUT 116, Warsaw (17.05-30.06.2014). NOC MUZEÓW 2014/Vernissage – Night of Museums