Autor/Author: Jacek Jędrzejczak
Seria/Series: “Identity”
Współpraca/Cooperation: Regina Rudnicka
Aktorka/Actress: Regina Rudnicka
Standard: HD
Czas trwania/Duration: 7:38

Wideoart Jacka Jędrzejczaka „Akt chodzący po schodach ciągle” stanowi twórcze nawiązanie do dzieł Marcela Duchampa, a zwłaszcza jego zapomnianych dziś obrazów olejnych, takich jak „Akt schodzący po schodach nr 2”. Artysta skupił się na procesie wizualnej ekspresji ruchu, kategorii kontinuum i czasu uwikłanego w przestrzeń, wyrażonych w obrazie, kobiecym ciele i niejednoznaczności interpretacji.

This work is an artistic dialog, a visual artwork freely referring to Duchamp’s piece of art in a way based on capabilities of using a movie technique. An inspiration by other artists artworks is not an element present in my creative output but figure of this artist is very important not only for me but also for a “creative process” understood extensively and universally. Means of visual expression used in the video as same as making the film a continuum makes a datum for own interpretations – by those who know a creative output of Duchamp and those who don’t. A crucial role in this project is played by audio – intuitive sounds which is correlated with vision. The artwork is a homage paid to Marcel Duchamp, a French artist and experimentator, an author of a “ready-made” term. “Nude Descending a Staircase” from 1912 is one of the most famous artist’s paintings.


Nude descending the staircase continuously” – Awards and Selections:

– 2018, Solaris Film Festival, Nice

– 2018, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Australia

– 2018, Shorts@Fringe, Azores, Portugal

– 2013, Night of museums – Instytut 116, Warsaw (18/19 05.13)

– 2013, Night of museums – Pracownie Twórcze Lubelska, Warsaw (18/19 05.13)

– 2013, ZPAF – “Podglądacz, czy Kreator?”, Warsaw (22.04.13-27.05.13)